The principal of Amicus Consulting is
Dr. John E. Fauquier.
The goal of Amicus Consulting is to provide clients with useful, pragmatic and implementable consulting solutions. This can only be achieved through a complete understanding of the client's need for a consultant as well as the project. Sensitivity to the client's corporate climate and the way business is done is essential to providing excellent service.

Consulting Approach
There are no short cuts, tricks or easy solutions. Apart from technical expertise, the skills necessary to achieve satisfying results are:
  • The ability to listen carefully to what those providing input are really saying;
  • The ability to adapt to changing conditions as the assignment proceeds;
  • The ability to provide only the solutions that are appropriate to the assignment; and
  • The ability to know when the assignment has ended.
On the part of the client:

  • Openness to look objectively at problem causes and hence feasible solutions;
  • Willingness to change the definition of the consulting assignment when necessary;
  • Desire to improve current performance and ways of doing things; and
  • Faith in the process so that implementation and monitoring have a chance to work.
Amicus Consulting believes in a collegial approach to consulting; both in working with clients and in involving other (sub)consultants. Therefore, if the situation appears appropriate, we will fully support the use of other experts and/or consultants.

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  Services Provided

Amicus Consulting believes that successful consulting assignments result from a relationship of equal partners; one in which the consultant contributes technical expertise and broad external experience and the client, local internal knowledge and decision preferences. We provide a wide range of consulting services for our clients, including:

  • General Manager duties for small companies using Management by Objectives (MBO) and Management by Exception (MBE) practices;
  • Corporate and/or Board of Directors Reorganization;
  • Advisory Boards;
  • Mentoring;
  • Coaching;

  • Focus Groups;
  • Retreats;
  • Management and/or Staff Workshops and Seminars;
  • Training;
  • Interviews;


  • Strategic planning: goals are set; objectives measured; key personnel are responsible for implementation and monitoring;
  • Succession planning;
  • Structured Decision Making: analysis of options; Delphi technique; cost benefit analysis; critical path technique; cluster analysis;

Research, Analysis and Special Projects

  • 3-stage Productivity Checkup: productivity scorecard; analysis; contract;
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys;
  • Cash Flow Forecasting;
  • Policies and Procedures Manual; and
  • ISO 9000.
Amicus Consulting has experience working on verbal agreements and written contracts. We detail the billing of consulting services and explain any item in question. Consulting can be done on an hourly, per diem or fixed price contract basis. To conclude an assignment at any stage the client simply gives notice.

Finally, Amicus Consulting believes that good service is built upon:

  • continual progress reviews of the consulting assignment;
  • open dialogue with the client; and
  • reaching mutual decisions about project completeness.

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